How many times would you have told your son or daughter or both to keep the sandals on the shoe stand neatly and how many times would they have followed your instruction? It so happens that you end up telling every time for them to do it every time. Patience is one of those few virtues that not everyone wins over. It is a constant and continuous process and fortunately, most of us gain on it as we mature through our age. However, when it comes to parenting, it just feels as if we all search for this noun in the dictionary.

Why is it so difficult for a parent (most of them) to understand what is going through their kid’s mind? According to me the parent/s themselves make it difficult for him/ her. People might argue that patience is required rather needed in almost all situations in life and I second them. However, I feel the task of keeping our calm becomes tougher when comes to dealing with children. I am a father of 2 and the daily routine at my home made me think and write a small piece on the role of patience in parenting.

I have tried to jot down certain simple exercises that we as parents, at least should try and ideally practice.

  • Ask them questions.

What happened at school today? How is your best friend Meera? What did she get for lunch? What did you play today? We always tend to get bugged by the questions that they ask us, mostly pretty complicated in terms of giving the right answers and being truthful. Instead, we should ask them questions, simple ones. These may sound silly to us but act magically in your kids’ minds. This makes them look forward to strike a conversation with you about school other than the same old boring homework!

  • Make them your partner.

Ask them to help you in almost every task you do at home, e.g. washing car/ bike, drying clothes, shopping for groceries etc. It makes them feel important helps raise their self-esteem.

  • Befriend them.

May feel a bit awkward but it is good to talk to them about your office, movies, and sports or may be about India? This makes them feel or at least think that they are growing up and so makes them listen to you with attention.

  • Go on a date.

Take them out with you, only them, without your spouse that is. Go to leisure and entertainment venues like gaming stations, movies with them. Travel by public transport. Walk with them from the shopping mall/ cinema hall to the nearest bus stop. Helps them understand what life is, makes them feel that as a parent you go through this as a routine every day.

  • Make them the care taker.

No, not of the home, their own sibling. Make them responsible about their siblings. Take them along and cuddle the younger one, together. Tell them to make the sister smile and laugh and play. This helps in reduction in sibling-jealousy and brings a sense of responsibility in them.

These efforts helps children become less crankier, make them relax and then, end up improving our patience levels too. Am sure you will have more to add to this list, these add up to smaller efforts towards making parenting simpler and exciting.

boat rolled on the waves

Posted: November 30, 2014 in rolling roads

the one and half hours that we spent on the beach, banging the ball, falling inside water umpteen number of times were the best moments of this voyage.
Musandam is in Oman, bordering Ras-Al-Khaima, UAE . the boat ride was preceded by a 2 hour journey by road from Sharjah to Musandam; a gang of 13 men laughing and shouting care-free. we made good friendship with our sailer-captain, Mr.Suhail. He has been sailing on these waters for more than 5 years now. the boat was a steamer, with a capacity to carry 80 to 100 people in one go. and we, had borrowed the same boat for rent. we 13 sailers owned this boat for 6 to 7 hours. the captain said lets go at 10.30am. the sea was silent, the boat kept on moving slowly. the wind was not so fast but made sure we could try to hold it. at 12 we were shifter to a smaller motor-boat near one of the interim shores. this sea is guarded my 50 to 100m tall mountains, so heavily that it looked like we are on back-waters. no wind could create any strong waves, we could see the ripples. next 90min went on with what i expressed as my first mention of this post. followed was a minor version of banana ride. it was lunch time with a decent spread of both veg and non-veg. after a 30min break, we left for one more short ride on the motor-boat to so called caves, though the caves ended before they started. this did disappoint me, thoroughly. we were back on the Oman sea bed by 5pm.
the long pauses that my mind experienced, trying to see the end of the sea and the closed eye-lids trying to feel the wind made me right this post. the infinite ocean cleared a lot of mist that were blocking my mind. the way the boat took my senses up and down, i thought i was swaying to the ocean’s breath. the endless waters strengthened my belief about definition of life. the waters were flowing, but still. the waves were minimal, but made the boat sail. the power of small things to make you think big always has mesmerized me, and i am sure i will keep loving this concept of understanding the small and simple things around me.
drops of these waters i could count
each layer of each wave i could feel
whispers of the blowing wind, i could grasp
rhythms of the swaying boat, i could hear

Movie Review: The Equalizer

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Rolling Cinema Tapes

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Stars: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz

Yes, he is back. Our own man on fire is back with more firepower. The Equalizer is a story of Robert, a simple man who works at one of the mechanical tools’ super markets. He leads a simple life in one of the suburban towns of US. Lives alone, is separated from his wife. His life takes a turn when he finds a good friend in a young call girl, Teri whom he meets every night at a café nearby his home. One day Teri (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) is brutally beaten up by her pimp and is hospitalized. This is when Robert is forced by his conscious to let out his real self, his conscience. But what Robert is up to leads him to open a secret vicious channel of flesh trade, unknowingly. The movie gets tighter when Teddy (played by Marton Csokas) is introduced as the big fish of this unethical money-minting business. Teddy is a clever and cruel villain who has no heart. In an effort to stop and kill Robert, he loses all his man-links one by one, thanks to the well-trained personality, an ex-soldier, Robert.

The best part of the movie is the face-to-face conversation between Robert and Teddy. The talk starts with Teddy’s question – “What do you see when you look at me” and ends with Robert’s answer – “Now you tell me. What do you see when you look at me”.

An ethical, principled man, previously a US government agent and now in his late 40’s becomes a one-many-army and destroys the sex and drug trafficking business of the USA’s eastern coast.

Denzel looks more stylish than ever, reminded me of Man on Fire more than once. The fight scenes are shot in a pretty cool manner; Robert’s character of hating unethical and illegal things is also defined by his unique and niche style of killing the whole gang of bad guys; these surely will send some real good chills in your spine. Marton is more evil than his previous negative roles he has played. The background music too is different for a Denzel’s movie, adds a lot to the style quotient of the movie.

Needless to say this is a must watch for this is a Denzel starrer; I rate this movie 7.5 out of 10. Want to get kicked in your brain so that you can kick in some punches on your neighbor’s thighs? Make sure you experience The Equalizer.

raining clouds

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Dream Roller

I’m sure your heart is touching the peak

For I’m away and hence your blossoming cheek

But I don’t think I can forget you

Your love will linger even though you are through


I can’t find any reason behind your reasoning

There is no one except my silence listening

You are punishing me leaving alone

I want to say I don’t care while watching this moon


I will try my best not to remember you, I promise

It’s seldom possible to stop the raining clouds

Playing a guessing game of why you thirsty for my tears

Will disappear soon in one of these mad crowds

of course

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Dream Roller

Beyond this there is a dream

A daydream, of course

Thought it would be alive

A castle in the air, of course

To believe in these things

An emotion called affection

Then get my heart broken

But yes, it was life

Last time I did expect this volcano

Dreaming too has it’s own life, short

And then I screamed, and screamed

The sun lit my face with brightness

To realize life

Free flowing, transparent and pure

Which is like a river so independent

A daydream, of course


Posted: September 19, 2014 in Rolling Cinema Tapes

Preset: It’s a typical Hindi movie but with a woman super-hero. There are no songs. Serious subject, so what?

How this movie rolled: Gripping. Bit of masala, some niche practical scenarios.

The roll unravels: When the bad guy says women are always emotional about everything, I wondered! And it happened in this script too. Shivani, a senior sub-inspector of police takes up a normal missing case, emotionally; and this is where the movie takes the stage. This opens up a Pandora’s box, unveiling a miles together chain of sex-trafficking business. Shivani leaves no pebble unturned in winning the challenge she has thrown on Karan, the hated villain. The screenplay is simple but fast, realistic too. The soberness expressed by Shivani’s character touches your heart.; its an insight but its tough to be cool and calm than to show off in the same manner. The characters are clearly crafted, but with finesse. Certain moments in the movie make you, expand your retina, and increase your temper too. The hero of the movie is the female inspector of Mumbai police; sharp, street smart and very calm. Drama is a must in general for Bollywood, and you will find a decent amount of that dose too, but on apt and well-deserved occasions.

Besides Rani being my favorite female actor after Mrs. Nene, this movie is a must experience. Slick, simple and well presented.

Greeting is a pretty impressive expression of the animal kingdom. Especially, we the homo sapiens love to greet and love to be greeted. Who would anyway like the same straight face and body through their day. I was wondering what an expression of greeting would be considered the best when I wish to start this new blog. I mean, to say Hi to all.

Greetings sometimes are used just prior to a conversation or to greet in passing, such as on a sidewalk or trail – Wikipedia.

So Namaste!

After much effort, my fingers have started tying according to the signals sent by my neurons. I have resumed blogging (let the case of my previous blog RIP).

I am not sure about the blogging mechanism, not the html coding/ sharing side of it works; in what manner/ style do I write my thoughts and experiences so that they ignite a thinking spark in your minds – is the challenge I wish to take up.

Here I come ’cause I love rolling!!